The NADT Philosophy

Our association is all about and for the Day Trading Community. NADT is an educational center of ideas, opportunities and information, all of which are intended to help you on your personal career path while enriching your daily life. At the core of our philosophy is the Day Trader's learning curve. We are dedicated to improving the lines of educational opportunities between different segments of the community to utilize the existing wisdom of our investment community leaders, their professional experiences and successes. NADT is designed to expand this educational process by listing independent events whereby the presenters can offer and teach the systems that made them successful. These programs range from Seminars, Workshops, Webinars to Challenge Contests - all of which will focus on expanding your knowledge base and ability to enhance your experiences in the markets.


"Investing education" is a clock that never winds down. With every new day there are a fresh set of circumstances that must be recognized, analyzed, quantified and ultimately evaluated so as to create an investment strategy before that day ends and a new day is born. It is this informational process that we wish to coordinate into one educational association reaching out to those varied worlds of stocks, bonds, options and futures.


Our members live in a dynamic world of changes and challenges. By dedicating our web pages to information and links (not advertising) we hope to bring as much educational interchange as possible from the information providers to all of those who are eager to learn and prosper. As with all member associations, the business community is eager to offer group discounts and special privileges to that population. These are the major industries that all associations work with: travel, entertainment, office products, printing, shipping...and the rest of the commercial world.


We ask all of our Associates and Presenters that offer fee paid programs to provide our members with an NADT member discount in return for placement in our monthly events calendars. Those programs that are free are also welcome and supported.

NADT does not provide or support any investment advice or financial counseling. We focus on the educational processes impacting the industry and the research needed to make critical decisions.